Integral management
Grupo SIM Mexico develops solutions that integrate state-of-the-art equipment, specialized services, qualified personnel, and information technologies to medical care processes, thus helping to improve health services.
Operating Room and Diagnosis
We have cutting-edge equipment and solutions for the best attention to different medical specialties.
With our highly qualified staff we ensure the highest productivity in medical areas through maintenance service, equipment leasing, as well as availability of personnel for inhalation therapy.

Comprehensive Health Management

Grupo SIM Mexico is a leader in developing comprehensive solutions that unite state-of-the-art equipment, specialized services, qualified personnel, and information technologies to health care processes, thus contributing to improve health services.

They are solutions to help health care professionals focus on saving and improving lives, providing the patient with an effective and efficient comprehensive experience, throughout their stay.

Through Comprehensive Health Management it is possible to strengthen quality standards in medical care, with appropriate management of resources.

Grupo SIM Mexico-Comprehensive Health Management

We invite you to know our Comprehensive Health Management solutions

Grupo SIM Mexico IT solutions in health

Grupo SIM

Contributing to improving health services in Mexico, is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the service, marketing and distribution of medical equipment focused on health care, we have branches in several states of the Mexican Republic for a better attention.

We have equipment for all health areas

All of our solutions have local Implementation Consultants to give them the technical and logistical support necessary to optimize their adoption and use of our Health IT solutions.

In addition, they use international interoperability standards (HL7, CDA, etc.) to guarantee easy interaction with their information systems already deployed and secure and reliable access to your information.

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