Hospital electric beds

We have a wide variety of electric hospital beds that adapt to the different types of patients and needs of each area.

Rotec Internacional México- electric hospital beds

Versatech 1100 2.0

Safe and comfortable

The bariatric bed Versatech 1100 2.0 Low height is a reliable and flexible model designed to guarantee the safety of the patient, as well as the user personnel. With a minimum height of 21 cm, a load capacity of up to 500 kg and a wide range of accessories, the Versatech 1100
2.0 is the solution to meet the needs of bariatric patients.

Multitech 2.0

Comprehensive design and quiet motors

Bed Multitech 2.0 Low height is a high-performance model that provides safety and comfort to the patient and health personnel with a load capacity of 281 kg and a minimum height of 25 cm that helps reduce the risk of falling. In addition to this, it also has ultra-quiet DC motors which helps to maintain a relaxed and calm environment. With its integral design, it becomes the solution to meet the needs of hospitalization.

Electric bed options are just one part of all the technology that we put at your fingertips, learn about our different health IT solutions.


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