Clinical device connectivity

Take advantage of the data generated from your clinical devices and optimize the time of your care team

Modern clinical device connectivity (vital signs monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, etc.) each generate more than 80,000 measurements and data about your patient every day. More than 95% of this data is NOT recorded. 

Through our commercial alliance, exclusive in Mexico, with Capsule, we offer its automation technology for automatic data capture of more than 800 medical equipments different and be encoded uniformly in HL7 format for recording and use.

By eliminating manual capture, transcription errors are also eliminated and the frequency of the data stream can be specified to obtain the desired granularity.

Release of up to 90 hours per month for each nurse

Capture error elimination

Immediate flow to systems for visualization and reporting

Proven functionality with over 800 devices

Use technology to your advantage and stay in control of your clinical devices at all times in a fast, easy and intuitive way to use.

Clinical devices

Once the data has been captured, it can be imported into the clinical record and any other data management system, be it for clinical care, research or teaching purposes.

Grupo SIM puts local Implementation Advisors at your service to provide its clients with the technical and logistical support necessary to optimize the adoption and use of their Solutions.

In addition, they are compatible with international standards for interoperability and data coding (ICD 9/10, HL7, CDA, etc.) to guarantee their easy interaction with the information systems already deployed and the safe and reliable access to your information.

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