Grupo SIM

Grupo SIM, contributing to improve health services in Mexico, is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the service, marketing and distribution of medical equipment focused on health care, we have branches in several states of the Mexican republic for better attention.

In Grupo SIM for more than two decades we have commercialized specialized equipment in:


  • Intensive life support care.
  • Diagnosis of the functional status of the respiratory system for preventive medicine or for high performance.
  • Support of surgical interventions (anesthesia).
  • Monitoring of vital signs and cardiological diagnosis.
  • Critical areas.
  • Intensive therapies from neonatal intensive care (UCIN) to emergency areas.

In Grupo SIM, quality is a characteristic of our organization, we have professionals focused and trained to ensure promptness, efficiency and effectiveness to support health professionals.



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